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cara daftar jss tripler

Cara Daftar JSS-Tripler

Cara pendaftaran Jss-Tripler terakhir sudah sangat dipermudah, yaitu

1. Anda klik ---> Daftar Jss-Tripler
2. Isi 3 kolom yang tersedia; nama depan, nama belakang dan alamat email anda yang valid/aktif
3. Klik tombol Sign Up Me NOW
4. Buka Email Anda, klik link aktivasi dari justbeenpaid
5. Buat pasword anda yang unik terdiri dari huruf dan angka, centang kotak agreement dan klik submit

6. Catat ID anda yang terdiri dari 6 angka unik yang diberikan oleh Jss-tripler.
7. Silahkan coba login ke member area Jss.

Jumat, 05 Agustus 2011

Jurnal Ilmu Komputer - Universitas Udayana

Jurnal Ilmu Komputer
ISSN : 1979-5661


Computer Science


Michael Moser - Engineering Acoustics: An Introduction to Noise Control 2nd Edition

Michael Moser
Engineering acoustics' is a teaching textbook that can serve as a tool for self-study and as a compendium for lectures as well. One of the author's goals is not only to describe how the topic develops but also why a specific way is chosen. The explanations do not restrict themselves to mathematical formulas. Only the illustrative explanation relying on the reader's imagination creates comprehension. This book represents the foundations of what nowadays seems necessary to make our environment quieter - in buildings as well as in the open air. Fundamental chapters on the physics and perception of sound precede those on noise reduction methods. A chapter dealing with microphines, loudspeakers, and acoustical antennae is included as well as a chapter on the fundamentals of signal and system theory. Practice exercises with solutions serve for the application of the entire content. 
Springer | 2009 | ISBN: 3540927220 | 536 pages | PDF | 22 MB

Jeschke, Isenhardt, and Henning - Automation, Communication and Cybernetics in Science and Engineering 2009 & 2010 (English and German Edition)

Sabina Jeschke, Ingrid Isenhardt, Klaus Henning
The book presents a representative selection of all publications published between 01/2009 and 06/2010 in various books, journals and conference proceedings by the researchers of the institute cluster: IMA - Institute of Information Management in Mechanical Engineering ZLW - Center for Learning and Knowledge Management IfU - Institute for Management Cybernetics, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, RWTH Aachen University The contributions address the cluster's five core research fields: suitable processes for knowledge- and technology-intensive organizations, next-generation teaching and learning concepts for universities and the economy, cognitive IT-supported processes for heterogeneous and cooperative systems, target group-adapted user models for innovation and technology development processes, semantic networks and ontologies for complex value chains and virtual environments Innovative fields of application such as cognitive systems, autonomous truck convoys, telemedicine, ontology engineering, knowledge and information management, learning models and technologies, organizational development and management cybernetics are presented. The contributions show the unique potential of the broad and interdisciplinary research approach of the ZLW/IMA and the IfU.
Hardcover: 702 pages
Publisher: Springer; 1st Edition. edition (November 23, 2010)
Language: English, German
ISBN-10: 9783642162077
ISBN-13: 978-3642162077
ASIN: 364216207X

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John Bird and Carl T. F. Ross - Mechanical Engineering Principles

John Bird and Carl T. F. Ross
Publisher: Newnes | Pages: 288 | 2002-03-06 | ISBN 0750652284 | PDF | 2 MB
In this book John Bird and Carl Ross introduce mechanical principles and technology through examples and applications - enabling students to develop a sound understanding of the principles needed by professional engineers and technicians. No previous background in engineering is assumed and theoretical concepts are supported by over 600 problems and worked examples.
This completely new text is designed to match a wide range of pre-degree courses, and provide an accessible introduction for undergraduates with no previous background in engineering studies.
The authors have ensured syllabus-match for the leading UK courses at this level: AVCE optional units Mechanical Engineering Principles and Further Mechanical Engineering Principles, and the new BTEC National unit: Mechanical Principles.
A student-friendly introduction to core engineering topics which does not assume any background in engineering studies
A brand new text matched to the latest syllabus requirements
Includes over 600 problems and 400 worked examples


Tapia, Liu, Karimli, and Feuerstein - HSPA Performance and Evolution: A practical perspective

Pablo Tapia, Jun Liu, Yasmin Karimli, Martin Feuerstein
Publisher: Wiley 2009 | 284 Pages | ISBN: 0470699426 | PDF | 15 MB
Written from an operator's viewpoint, HSPA Performance and Evolution explores the lessons learned and techniques developed for optimally deploying HSPA (High Speed Packet Access). The essential distinctions between rolling out HSPA compared to earlier UMTS and GSM technologies are explained covering the many issues that must be specifically handled. Areas in standards which have been left open for interpretation, causing significant differences between vendor implementations , are identified and solutions explored.
This book is invaluable in enabling wireless operators to extract maximum performance offered by 3GPP's HSPA radio technology, consisting of both downlink (HSDPA) and uplink (HSUPA) elements. It focuses on real-world performance, sharing practical implementation methods and tradeoffs for deploying, optimizing and maintaining networks using the HSPA air interface. 

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